Tall Grass MeadowI am delighted to open up my home to you and introduce you to the beauty and the wonder that I have found here on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Situated on 10 beautiful acres of land in the South Haven area, Glenn Meadow B&B offers easy access to all of the vacation activities and adventures along the lake, and also provides a relaxing and restful environment amidst nature’s wonders.

A moment last fall captured the essence of this place for me. One morning I took my cup of coffee and went for a stroll through the wild flowers, and I came upon a bird, a Mourning Dove, struggling on the ground. She was in the middle of the walking path, and I could see that one of her wings had been injured – not badly, but her fear was palpable and seemed to be making her recovery impossible. I managed to gently move the dove off the path and placed her in the tall meadow grasses. Now less exposed and tucked away safely, she was able to quiet herself, rest and regain strength. In a few moments, I watched this beautiful creature take flight.

My life here at Glenn Meadow has been laden with ‘tall grass’ experiences. This place has taught me to breathe deeply, walk slowly, take refuge when needed and find adventure. I want to invite you to share in the wonder of this very special place, to awaken to the natural beauty that abides here. Whether you are seeking rest and solitude, lazy days at the beach, hiking or biking adventures with your family, outdoor festivals, art and music, or stunning sunsets, you will find it here. I promise you warm hospitality, hearty breakfasts, deep connection with nature, and rest and renewal.

So please visit – and bring your children. Relax, play games, create memories. I look forward to sharing your company!