About Me

TraceyWindow3As I reflect back over my life, both personally and professionally, I clearly see a common thread that is woven throughout: a deep passion for creating safe spaces. While a student at Arizona State University where I was studying Behavioral Psychology, I became involved in a project to help the Phoenix Police Department to develop a new program that created Family Stress Teams, groups of professionals who were committed to helping the police provide victims of crime with the immediate practical and psychological assistance they so needed.

After moving with my young family to the South Haven, Michigan area in 1987, I again began working with local law enforcement and helped establish the Van Buren County Victim Advocacy Program, the first of its kind in this area. As my work with our community’s most vulnerable populations continued, I served on the founding Board of Directors for the Domestic Violence Coalition in Van Buren County and, from there, I became actively involved in another issue dear to my heart: children in the foster care system. For four years, my family and I agreed to turn our home into a short-term emergency foster care facility where groups of siblings from challenging circumstances and unsafe homes could be cared for until appropriate foster placement was available that would allow them to remain together.

More than a dozen years ago, my career appeared to take a sudden shift, when I began the work that continues to engage me today – handling marketing and business development for New Age/Landmark, Inc., an environmental onsite testing firm. Yet, the work to create safe environmental spaces isn’t that far removed from the other kinds of safe spaces I have helped to build.

So it is no surprise that I find myself treasuring this new adventure, sharing my home and this stunning natural environment with you and your family for relaxation and retreat. I hope you will enjoy the comforts of the space I have created for you while you spend lazy days at the beach or engaged in some terrific adventures.

It is my great privilege to get to know each one who graces my doorway. Welcome!

 -Tracey Taylor Davis